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About Vapor King


Who We Are



Vapor King is not your average Vapor shop; it is the ultimate provider of high quality electronic cigarettes. With premium products at competitive prices we understand what our customers want and that is exactly what we provide.

 At Vapor King our customers are important to us and we guarantee to only provide products that are of excellent quality and style. We are a company that is serious about customer satisfaction and to demonstrate this we have spent months choosing the right products to put our name to.

 To show how dedicated we are supplying premium products we have met every one of our suppliers in person and tested every product that we put on sale. The 48 flavours that we currently sell have been tested over and over, improved and changed until we believe they are perfect. It is only at this stage that we feel confident that each of our customers will be satisfied with their purchases.


Our Mission



 Our mission to bring the best quality to our customers did not end there. When choosing which models would be the best to turn these fantastic liquids into vapor we rigorously tried and tested over 200 models. We carried out extensive research into 5 main areas:


1. Quality of the construction

2. The life span

3. The quality of the vapor produced

4. Ease of use

5. How stylish the product looks


Our research concluded that people want to purchase products that are of high quality, will last and are easy to use, as well as looking stylish and of course that make the best use of the liquid by turning it into vapor in an effective way.


Our Products



Our months of extensive research have led to us developing a range of premiums products to offer that meet all of these 5 expectations. We have made these exceptional products available to be purchased through our website. This is the easiest way that customers can get in touch with us or make their purchases.

However, this is not the only way to purchase from Vapor King. In fact we are so proud of our products that we have our own high street store and are pleased to meet you, explain our products and help you decide the best options for you. Our staff are all experts in our product range and will provide you with accurate information and advice. We currently have a flagship store in Liverpool and plans to open further stores through the UK starting with Yorkshire.

At Vapor King we believe in keeping our prices low but we also believe in loyalty and rewarding our customers. We therefore offer VK points which mean that you can earn while you spend.





We are proud of the fact that we are an ethical and responsible company. We will not supply our products to any person under the age of 18 and this will need to be proven with a valid credit card for the purchase.